Corinna Berndt,
Xanthe Dobbie,
Caroline Garcia,
Nikki Lam,
Eugenia Lim,
Zoe Scoglio,
Jacqui Shelton,
Talia Smith

Curated by Frances Fleetwood

October 5th–November 4th, 2017

Opening reception:
Thursday, October 5th, 2017 | 6pm–9pm

Image credit: Eugenia Lim, Windows (production still), 2016, HD Video, 2:55min

our selves

Roles are performed, performances are documented, images are proliferated and disseminated on the internet, identities are fragmented, self and culture is constructed, deconstructed, reconstructed, curated, fabricated.
our selves presents video works by 8 young Australian women exploring cultural performativity within new media technologies, investigating how we navigate our fractured identities in a time of both increased virtuality and heightened vulnerability of bodies and environments.

The artists in the exhibition engage with multiple, intersecting identities and speak from various positions such as queer or female, and non-European Australian perspectives. The works included are somehow both personal and universal, speaking to themes of dislocation, digital loneliness and homesickness, while also engaging with postcolonial narratives and gender identity from the perspective of the internet generation.

Many of the works in this exhibition highlight ways that digital technologies and social media platforms can be used to explore, establish, re-establish, contextualize, curate, empower, disempower, construct, deconstruct, and/or reconstruct each artist’s sense of identity – across cultures, generations, timezones, (facebook) timelines, borders, media platforms, and geographical locations. Where do our bodies exist within this network? How do we situate ourselves when computer generated imagery can place us anywhere in physical and digital worlds?

Featuring work by Corinna Berndt, Xanthe Dobbie, Caroline Garcia, Nikki Lam, Eugenia Lim, Zoe Scoglio, Jacqui Shelton, and Talia Smith.

Press contacts:
Frances Fleetwood, Curator:
Erica Molesworth, CTRL+SHFT:

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