a solo show by Yetunde Olagbaju

April 8–April 30, 2017

Closing Reception:
April 30th, 2017

"give it her when she's decided she knew herself..."

"give it to her when she's decided she knew herself..." is a solo show by Yetunde Olagbaju. Through installation, video, archival documents, journal entries and interviews, "give it to her when she's decided she knew herself..." aims to suspend moments of synchronicity, care, and ancestral mirroring into one sacred, yet ever-adjusting, space in time.
With ties to her Gullah/Geechee and Yoruba ancestries, her fascination with matriarch, and her concern for the movements of super clusters, Yetunde hopes to create a space where the past, present, and future all meet: where they all can communicate together; where others can feel safe reflecting on their multi-dimensional selves and ancestry; where ritual, sacred space, story-telling, and vulnerability all intersect.


Yetunde Olagbaju is a multidisciplinary artist and collaborator currently residing in Oakland, CA. Through her work, she concerns herself with time travel, space, source, vulnerability, ancestry, and her own relationship to the Blackness of the universe.

She aims to illuminate paths of deep emotional kinship and cosmic mirroring within human connection and identity through various mediums and installations, all with the desire to bridge the past with the present-future.

Press contacts:
Addy Rabinovitch & Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo

We're happy to announce that Yetunde Olagbaju's exhibition, "give it her when
she's decided she knew herself...", has been extended to April 30th, with a closing reception from 11am–3pm.

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