Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Kirsten Brehmer,
sair goetz,
Ellie Hwa Brumbaum,
Jessica Hubbard,
Patricia Leal,
Izidora Leber Lethe,
Em Meine,
Jerome Rivera Pansa,
Jessica Hubbard,
Sophia Schultz Rocha, Danielle Wright,
Nina Wu

Guest Curated by Yomna Osman

February 15- March 16, 2019
Opening Reception:
Friday, Feb 15, 2019 7-10pm


CTRL+SHFT Annual Member Show

CTRL+SHFT Collective is pleased to announce We Have to Talk About Liberating Minds an exhibition that showcases the work of the collective’s current members. The exhibition includes 11 trans-disciplinary work from video to installation, drawing, and zines. The show includes a scheduled performance by Nina Wu, make sure not to miss it.
Such an exhibition isn’t easy to narrate. The members’ diverse experiences unearth different stories, thus, resisting an overarching theme. While no overall theme exists, and because of members’ common interests, sub-themes emerge.

Recurring themes of trauma and violence emerge in works like Sair Goetz’ hold yr tongue (2019), Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo We Make our Own Cloth to Tell our Stories (2018), Sophia Schultz Rocha Sana Que Sana (2018). In these works we are invited to share a personal, powerful, and emotive experience with each artist. Branfman-Verissimo draw on African kente quilt and cloth to tell stories through coding and pattern, as opposed to text. Goetz’ utilized humor and wit to narrate an event of sexual violation. In Sana Que Sana, Schultz Rocha address remade and lost memories by honoring the trauma of family generations. These works capture us by their beautiful aesthetic and tantalize with their sensitivity and depth.

Constructing an Imaginary realm emerge in works like Em Meine’s Untitled (2018) and Jerome Rivera Pansa’s Pearl Clutcher (2018). Meine’s untitled piece images a dystopian society where nothing bad is permitted. The work’s simple message can be interrupted and reread in different contexts. Pearl Clutcher is a tantalizing creature with vast vivid imagination. One other prominent theme would be Identity. Danielle Wright’s audio White Culture, White Privilege and Your Mind/Body address racial identity while inhabiting the non-threatening form of meditation.

All of those works and more are presented in We have to talk about liberating minds defines the artistic and conceptual contours of the collective. The prominence and urgency of the emerging themes attest to radical resistance that’s presented within the collective members.

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