Lark VCR,
Joanna Cheung,
Rhonda Holberton,
Zoe McCloskey,
Erica Scourti, 
Angela Washko.

Curated by Tanya Gayer.

November 6–December 3, 2016
Opening reception on Sunday November 6th, 2017 6pm–9pm 

Image credit: Lark Buckingham. Tattle-Tale Heart (film promotional image), 2016; video, 17min.


CTRL + SHFT and independent curator Tanya Gayer are pleased to present Third Party, opening on November 6th, 2016 from 6 - 9pm. The exhibition explores a female perspective on algorithms and the physical embodiment of data tracking. The artists in the show question how identity is formed and misinformed through Google AdWords, social media geolocation tags, cell phone tapping, and seemingly autonomous algorithmic calculations. As social and cultural properties are established within such technological forms, Third Party evaluates the ways in which we formulate a sense of self in the digital age when so much of it is monitored and calculated for us.
Third Party features works by Lark Buckingham, Joanna Cheung, Rhonda Holberton, Zoe McCloskey, Erica Scourti, and Angela Washko.
On November 20th at 7pm, Third Party also presents a salon in partnership with the Living Room Light Exchange featuring two of the artists in the show, Erica Scourti and Lark Buckingham, as well as invited guest Kate Losse. For more information please visit:
Funds for this exhibition generously provided by an Alternative Exposure grant from Southern Exposure.

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