Artists in Residence:
Alessandra Belltrame,
Kico le Strange (Marco Garcia), 
Grace Chen

Run Date:
June 29–July 31, 2016

Opening Reception:
July 29th, 2016 at 7pm-10pm

Image Credit: Grace Chen. Untitled (Hotel), 2016; acrylic on canvas.


CTRL+SHFT’s TBD residency program temporarily turns the gallery into a collaborative workspace. In this iteration of the recurring program, the space will be given to three artists, two local and one international, exploring ideas of the performative, the body, and the wearable.
Artists Alessandra Belltrame, Kico le Strange (Marco Garcia), and Grace Chen will have free rein of CTRL+SHFT’s gallery from June 29th to July 31st. By offering these artists a gallery-as-workspace, we aim to celebrate process and carve out the space for experimentation and exploration of non-traditional and alternative forms, departing from the hierarchical art object. The residency will conclude with an art happening to perform, display, and activate the produced work; the structure of which will be determined by the artists.

*TBD: to be determined. We are auctioning the naming rights of this iteration of the residency in on eBay: All proceeds from the purchase of this title will be given directly to the artists involved, because all artists should be PAID.

Grace Chen: Grace Chen was born in Singapore and is currently putting down roots in Oakland, CA. Through painting, comics, performance and presentations, she puts herself into her art and her art into her life, asking questions about the relation between image and text, between autobiography and fiction, and between experience and representation. In her work, she is as bold, witty, sentimental, uncertain, intellectual, cavalier, proud, self-deprecating, political, tender and serious as she is in the rest of her existence.

Marco Garcia: It was a warm afternoon in the lil’ ole town of Agua Dulce, Texas. Dirt grazed a boy’s face as he stood outside of his home; his body still, awaiting the sounds of a Chevy pick-up truck. DUCA DUCA DUCA!!! The boy beamed with joy as he watched the ole truck come down the street. The truck came to a stop and the door opened with a loud screech. A man got out of the truck and the boy screamed “Daddy!”. “Hi mijo,” daddy responded as he greeted his son with a huge hug. The boy felt safe and more like himself in his father’s arms. He never wanted that moment to end.
The boy’s name is Marco Garcia, he grew and developed an alter ego, a persona, an extension of himself named Kico Le Strange. Kico is a loud, flashy, and queer individual who constantly pushed boundaries of gender and sexuality in their South Texas heteronormative community. Presently, Le Strange lives and creates in Oakland, California; crafting garments, soft sculptures, and queer spaces.

Alessandra Beltrame: Alessandra Beltrame is a conceptual artist from Switzerland. Her art is based on the social issues and principles of democracy and freedom. She is interested in the powerful sense of awareness of socially significant themes, which stimulate a need to scrutinize, to know more, to understand, and to create associations which transcend common boundaries. In this context, she is interested in communication and how we both ask and answer questions.

Addy Rabinovitch, Maria Capron & YeRin Kim

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