Help us keep our doors open!

Spaces like ours are an essential incubator and launchpad for emerging artists, and provide much-needed meeting spaces for artists, art lovers, and the larger community. BUT the prices of the Bay Area are posing a continuous problem to the sustenance of our mission. In order to keep our doors open, we depend on your generosity.

As a self-financed small art collective, we are rethinking our capacity and ability to survive financially during the pandemic.

A simple way to help is to sponsor us monthly on Patreon. All proceeds will go to keeping the collective alive. This includes paying for monthly studio/warehouse rent as many of us have lost our sources of income during COVID. Additional funds can also help us continue our artist programming as we move through the pandemic.


Choose how to donate:

One Time

If you’d like to make a one time donation to us (with our endless thanks), you can donate here. All donations go toward paying exhibiting artists and curators and maintaining our gallery space.
Monthly on Patreon!

For a monthly donation you will receive exclusive access to news, announcements, updates as well as postcards and small mementos from the collective. For higher level supporters you will receive curated syllabuses, merch from the collective, private tours, and early access to our yearly auction. Join us on Patreon!
In Kind

We welcome donations of all kinds. Whether it be gallery equipment, food and drink for exhibition openings, or discounted access to your services, you can make an in-kind donation using our form here.If you’d like to formally partner with our organization, get in touch with us!

All donations are tax deductible.

CTRL+SHFT Collective is a Member of Intersection for the Arts. Intersection for the Arts provides Bay Area based artists and arts organizations with resources, community, and cultural space in order to develop sustainable practices.

CTRL+SHFT Collective’s 2017–18 exhibition season was made possible by the generous donations of Tari Brand, Penelope Ritter, Miliani Wallace, Aggie & Harry Libby, and David Tunkl & Shalaina Castle.

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