Artists in Residence:
Tammy LePham,
Shanna Sordahl,
Melanie Treuhaft

Run Date:
October 21–October 23, 2016

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 21, 6pm – 9pm

Image Credit: Melanie Treuhaft 


CTRL+SHFT Collective in Oakland is pleased to announce Staging, a residency and exhibition by Bay Area artists Melanie Treuhaft, Tammy LePham, and Shanna Sordahl combining experimental elements of architecture, sound, and installation art.
Staging explores the convergence of art, architecture, and sound in an attempt to generate new relationships by making use of the viewer’s procession through adjoining galleries. The artists were inspired by the idea of designing a conceptual framework that allows for multiple unintended consequences. The collaboration combines multiple media creating an immersive environment inspired by scenery designed for theatre. It embraces the challenge of making transitions between spaces meaningful and engaging. The installation, an abstraction of the theatrical set, implicates the audience as subject matter and invites non-directional narratives. Sound, light, structure and image meld to subvert and embellish the gallery’s pre-existing spatial conditions. Intersecting time-based components will continually revive the space and reveal new, expansive connections.

The artists will create the installation at CTRL+SHFT during a three week residency from October 1-21. Please join us for the opening reception on October 21, 2016, from 6-9 pm. Works will be on view October 22 & 23, 2016 from Noon - 6pm and by appointment.

Tammy LePham is a Los Angeles born, Phoenix raised designer that combines her multicultural background with an interest in human behavior. She takes on a multi-scaled approach--from exploring the intimate experiences generated by our built environment to questioning our current urban landscapes. Her investigations focus on challenging existing habits to generate novel social interactions and self-reflective spaces. Tammy received her BS in Interior Design from ASU and her Masters of Architecture from CCA. Her diverse work experience ranges from interior design, exhibition design, and architecture.

Shanna Sordahl is an American-Canadian sound artist/composer/performer/collaborator living in Oakland, CA. Her interdisciplinary interests cause her work to take on many dynamic forms, from composition and live performances to site-specific installations. The fusion of acoustic instruments and sounds with an electronic music approach continually informs and shapes her work. Shanna has an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College, where she focused on digital and analog synthesis, installation work, cello improvisation and audio engineering.

Melanie Treuhaft works with paint on paper, projection and neon to create layered installations that work to diversify the visual possibilities in a space. Her involvement in theatrical scene painting influences and inspires her practice. Melanie grew up in Los Angeles, received her undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Chicago and her MFA from UW Madison. She was an artist in residence at Stonehouse Residency for Contemporary Arts and the Morris Graves Foundation Artist Residency and recently completed a fellowship at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

Funds for this exhibition generously provided by an Alternative Exposure grant from Southern Exposure.

Press contacts:
Melanie Treuhaft & Andrea Fritsch

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