Join us September 27, 2019
Event from 6-10pm


CTRL+SHFT Collective is an exhibition space with thirteen studios located in West Oakland. As a group of cis-women, trans-spectrum, gender non-conforming, queer, and PoC members, we interrogate what it means to build and be a part of a community. Through workshops, exhibitions, and other community engagements, we focus on providing a platform for our ever-growing CTRL+SHFT family, which includes writers, artists, thinkers, performers, curators, allies, agitators, organizers, activists, and teachers. As an exhibition and organizing space, we focus on giving a platform (eg. a space, people, someone to listen, take action, witness, transparency, resources) to artists of color, women, queer and gender non-conforming artists.

We must keep CTRL+SHFT Collective alive!! It is becoming more and more of a challenge in the changing Bay Area to providing a platform for visibility, and CTRL+SFT Collective does just that. We are pleased to present Paintreon, our annual fundraising event, on September 27th from 6-10pm, hosted in our gallery space in West Oakland. We will have a drawing rally including Bay Area artists, where friends and community will be creating live on site. These works will be available for purchase alongside a silent auction of donated pieces for the occasion including but not limited to works by Alicia McCarthy, Kate Rhoades, Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Jaime Knight, Caroline Hayes Charuk, Jamee Crusan & more! Visit our space, witness the brand new launch of our Patreon Campaign, enjoy music, drinks & more!

Our Patreon campaign (previously Drip) is a way for members of our community to help sustain our work on an ongoing basis by making a monthly contribution. We’ll have special perks for guests who join the Patreon campaign at the event. Come out and collect some one-of-a-kind art, dance the night away, and support your community! All proceeds go to maintaining and supporting CTRL+SHFT’s space and programming.

What to expect:
-Entry is a suggested donation of $10, but no one will be turned away
-All night live drawings by over 20 local artists!
-Auction with work by Alicia McCarthy, Kate Rhoades, Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Jaime Knight, Caroline Hayes Charuk, Jamee Crusan & more!
-Music & food!
-Unique cocktails brought to you by Joy Ride!

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