Opening Reception:
May 18th, 2016, 6pm-8pm

Image by Keilani Bustamante (age 16)  



This academic year First Exposures artists took on playful approaches to photography and photographic approaches to play. These artists explored not only how they photographed but how their images emerged into physical pieces. Through varying assignments over the course of the year FX artists played with interpretation and perspective, from swapping photographic “instructions” with one another, to pointing the camera 180° from their initial image, to creating a photographic version of Twister and making zinelettes using their own unique photographic language. The darkroom, both literally and digitally, also became a playground.
Throughout the year First Exposures artists took a close look at how play operates in their lives and translated that through photography. IMAGE NATION | NOI┴∀NIפ∀WI is the culmination of those efforts.

About First Exposures
First Exposures provides youth aged 11-18 the opportunity to engage with photography in a classroom with guidance from a photographer who serves as both a mentor and a positive adult role model. Photography is the catalyst by which our students acquire vital life skills and the vehicle through which we deepen their intellectual, academic, and developmental experiences.

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