A multimedia art project produced by Cranium Corporation at CTRL+SHFT.

Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 8, 2016,
6 pm–9 pm


Inspired by the affecting "Letters to a Young Poet" by eminent writer Rainer Maria Rilke, "Correspondencia (Correspondence)" is an exhibition project by artist Marcela Pardo Ariza, writer Nick Johnson, and curator Ángel Rafael Vázquez-Concepción based in the Bay Area in California. The show will be held at the CTRL + SHFT space in Oakland from June 8 — June 25, 2016.

We'd like to invite you to share insights into the nature of correspondence and corresponding. We are confident a series of discursive bridges among the artists, the included works, and the CTRL+SHFT public will emerge —from the wild and curious amalgam of visual artists, writers, illustrators, and philosophical types we are assembling. In summary, corresponding about correspondence is the theme of this exhibition.

CTRL + SHFT is a space for hybridization and other forms of experimentations. It contains both artist studios and a white cube for exhibitions. It is also an enterprise run entirely by women artists and curators, and they welcome members of the local and international art community to submit proposals for exhibitions and art exchanges. Cranium Corporation is their invited curatorial guest.

Funds for this exhibition generously provided by an Alternative Exposure grant from Southern Exposure.


The official list of participating artists in "Correspondencia/Correspondence" is as follows:

Ali Padgett (Oakland, California, US)
Ana María Montenegro Jaramillo (Bogotá, Colombia)
Andrew Lyman (New Orleans, Louisiana, US)
Ann Murphy (Oakland, California, US)
Amy M. Ho (Oakland, California, US)
Austin Boe (Oakland, California, US)
Barbara Kyne (Oakland, California, US)
C.A. Greenlee (Oakland, CA) and Bambi AKA Doris Hunter (Huntsville, AL, US)
Camilla Smart and Sophie Lourdes Knight - Coeval Collective (US/UK)
Camila Buxeda (Brooklyn, New York, US/San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Carolina Magis Weinberg (Ciudad de México D.F., México)
Carrie Lorig (San Francisco Bay Area, California, US)
Christine Elfman (San Francisco, California, US)
Daniel Paradise (San Francisco, California, US)
Dorothy Santos (San Francisco, California, US)
Enar De Dios Rodríguez de Dios Rodríguez (Orense, Spain)
Gabrielle Reed (Oakland, California, US)
Hee-Seung Choi (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Jared Dyer (Los Angeles, California, US)
Jessica Clay (Nashville, Tennessee, US)
Josh Stulen (San Francisco, California, US)
Juan Pablo Pacheco (Bogotá, Colombia)
Kate Rhoades (Oakland, California, US)
Katie Grace McGowan (Detroit, Michigan, US)
Kija Lucas (San Francisco, California, US)
Laura Meza-Orozco (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)
Lawrence Gipe (Oakland, California, US)
Leora Fridman (San Francisco Bay Area, California, US)
Leora Lutz (San Francisco, California, US)
Lex Kosieradzki (San Francisco, California, US)
Malena Lopez-Maggi (Berkeley, California, US)
Margaret Tedesco (San Francisco, California, US)
Mass Mailings, Andy González (Los Angeles, California, US)
Matthew Kotzin (Los Angeles, California, US)
Michelle Mendieta-Mitchell (Emeryville, California, US/Guadalajara, México)
Mónica Félix (Brooklyn, New York, US/Cayey, Puerto Rico)
Nina Enriquez (Mérida, México)
Pam Martin (Woodacre, California, US)
Paul Weiner (Aurora, Colorado, US)
Xiao Rui Rachel Endoso (San Francisco, California, US)
Sara Kerr (Oakland, California, US)
Sarah Tell (Oakland, California, US
Siedra Loeffler (San Francisco, California, US)
Takako Matoba (Oakland, California, US)
Tamara Porras (Berkeley, California, US)
Tania Houtzagerr (San Francisco, California, US)
Todd Spencer Lavine (Menlo Park, California, US)
Tony Conca (San Francisco, California, US)
Tyler Eash (San Francisco, California, US)
YeRin Kim (San Francisco, California, US/Seoul, South Korea)
Zulfi Bhutto (Karachi, Pakistan)

Also showcasing are the poets:

Kar Johnson
Chloé Veylit
Daniel Suárez
Colin Partch
Mk Chavez
Fisayo Adeyeye

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