Sequoya Akosua Lee, 
Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Samantha Maria Xochitl Espinoza,
Malaya Tuyay

October 19 - Nov 22, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct 19, 7-10pm
Within Reach: Thursday, October 24th, 6:30-8pm
Calling In: Saturday, November 16th, 5-7pm
Closing reception: Friday, November 22, 7-10pm


CTRL+SHFT Collective is pleased to present Black and brown bodies will forever dream & exist, by Sequoya Akosua Lee, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Samantha Maria Xochitl Espinoza and Malaya Tuyay. On view from October 19th until November 22nd, 2019.

We envision worlds outside of ourselves
We envision what our needs are in the present
We ask and analyze the past so that we can understand our present selves
We dream of what our worlds can look like and present their visual & text embodiment
Our works are love letters to ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, those who have come before us and will come after us
We want people that witness our work and what we visualize to take a bit of it with them to hold it, use it, feel it.
We investigate the glorious aspects of our racialized bodies while holding the violence done to us / bodies like ours / folks that are subject to marginalization we are in community with.
We use our wisdom and pains as queer womxn of color who have had to experience gendered and sexualized violence to voice our pieces.
We channel ourselves and all the womxn we know and care for.
We are vessels
We embody
We envision
We are traces, whispers, and shouts
We see what the future can hold and know of it’s beauty
We dream, even if we may deny it or don’t always recognize it
We envision the future by analyzing our past and present selves.
We record what we are currently experiencing within our own bodies/lives and those we represent.
Our work will ask what is our future from the perspective of four queer womxn of color.
We look ahead knowing that it will lead us closer to what we work toward now.

-Samantha Maria Xochitl Espinoza

Exhibition Programming:

Within Reach
Thursday, October 24th, 6:30-8pm: Join Lukaza, Sequoya, Malaya, and Samantha as we sit down and share the meanings of our work and how it connects with past, present, and future. We will be asking each other questions and invite you to join in on the larger conversation of our work.

Calling In:
Saturday, November 16th, 5-7pm: Join Lukaza, Sequoya, Malaya and Samantha as we call-in fellow creators, activists, teachers and mentors. A night of talks and performances from Christine Abiba of Pinay Liminality, Moosh, Mariela Lua, Sam Vernon, and Tanna Tucker.

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